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Volunteering at Holy Cross

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Parent participation and engagement are critical to Holy Cross School’s success and sustaining our dynamic school community. Every year, each family is asked to volunteer for a minimum of 20 hours. Families may elect to pay $50/hour in lieu of working volunteer hours. For more information on its importance or how to volunteer, please see our HSA Handbook.

VIRTUS Training
In order to protect our students, the Archdiocese of Washington requires all volunteers who work with minors to follow its “Child Protection Policy.” To comply with the policy, volunteers must take a training course and submit to a background check. Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in this training to optimize your options for meeting your required volunteer hours. The majority of volunteer hours offered require VIRTUS training.

“Protecting God’s Children” is the mandatory child protection training for all Archdiocese of Washington employees and volunteers that have contact with children.  You will also hear this training referred to as “VIRTUS training.”

Any volunteer job that interacts with the students during the school day requires the volunteer be VIRTUS-trained and the paperwork be on file in the school office. This includes MOST VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES at Holy Cross School.

Detailed Instructions for Completing VIRTUS Training:

  1. Open a VIRTUS account online at www.VIRTUS.org

  2. Complete a Volunteer Application Form (available in the School Office). Return the Volunteer Application to the School
    office prior to scheduling an Electronic Background check.

  3. Complete an “Electronic Background Check”. Call the Parish Business Office at 301-942-1020 ext. 28 to schedule
    an appointment to come in and complete the online “Electronic Background Check”. It must be completed at the Parish Business Office and should take approximately 5 minutes. The Business Office is located in the Rectory building to the right of the Church. Volunteers must bring the following to their appointment: two forms of government issued identification, a completed Authorization Form for a Criminal Background Investigation (form is available at the School Office), Payment – Cash or check for $13.50 for the cost of the Electronic Background Check (make check payable to Holy Cross School). Please note we cannot schedule an appointment until you have opened a VIRTUS account and you have returned your completed Volunteer Application

  4. Attend a workshop for adults called “Protecting God’s Children” within 60 days following the first time you serve as a volunteer. Sign up for the workshop through VIRTUS. At the workshop, you will receive the “Child Protection Policy” booklet. Sign the Acknowledgement form located in the back of the booklet, and return it to the School Office.

  5. Please be aware that steps 1 through 3 MUST be completed prior to serving as a volunteer.

Thank you for becoming a School volunteer. We appreciate your help and support!