Holy Cross School



(PreK3 and PreK4)

The Pre-Kindergarten Language Arts curriculum is designed so that each child can build an early literacy learning foundation for success in becoming a lifelong reader and writer.  All parts of early literacy learning are explored.  The curriculum includes daily exploration of children’s literature with a follow-up experience, literacy-related center time, Scholastic Weekly Reader, nightly children’s books so that the child may have a shared literacy experience with a parent or guardian, access to appropriate technology, and ample access to writing materials.

Early literacy areas include the following:

Reading – concepts about print, phonological awareness, decoding and word fluency, vocabulary and concept development, structural features of information and technical materials, analysis of grade-level appropriate narratives.

Writing – writing process and application, handwriting, spelling.

Listening and Speaking – comprehension, oral communication, speaking applications.

Many early literacy experiences are used to catapult other areas of study.  A cross curricular approach is used to focus on the other areas of study:  Social Studies, Science, Math, Catholic Faith, Social Development, Work Habits, and Motor Skills.  Instruction includes use of children’s literature, Weekly Reader, center time, hands on activities/manipulatives, experiments, and technology.  The Catholic Faith study is centered on the key elements included in the Archdiocese of Washington guide.  It is supported by our daily faith filled classroom environment, the Loyola Press God Loves Us series, attending Mass with the school community, participation in school-wide social concern projects and our 4th grade buddy program.  Throughout our school day the children are encouraged to explore, observe, ask questions and interact! 

Enrichment classes:  P.E., Art, Music, and Library


Teacher: Teresa Overly

Teresa Overly graduated from the University of Maryland and several years later received a Masters of Education (PK-6) from Marymount University.  Her career at Holy Cross School began in 2002 as the Teacher’s Assistant in the Pre-Kindergarten classroom. The following school year she was selected to become the lead Pre-Kindergarten teacher at Holy Cross School.  Mrs. Overly feels that her years here at Holy Cross have truly been a blessing in her life and she looks forward to continuing to provide an early childhood classroom environment rooted within the Catholic faith.  Mrs. Overly was recognized as the Teacher of the Year for the 2007-2008 school year by the Rock Creek Council of The Knights of Columbus.

Mrs. Overly currently serves on the school Leadership Team and is the faculty representative on the School Advisory Board.