Holy Cross School


Home and School Association (HSA)

The Home and School Association (HSA) acts as a liaison between the school and the home, providing a channel of communication between the two. Every parent or guardian of a currently enrolled Holy Cross student is a voting member of our HSA.

HSA holds three meetings during the school year where a variety of topics of interest and of concern to the school family are discussed. These meetings, as well as the social events that HSA sponsors, provide a platform for the families to meet, interact and learn of all the opportunities where they can volunteer their time and expertise to the school.

Several annual fundraisers fund the various projects undertaken by the Home and School Association as well as contribute to our school’s bottom line.

The Executive Committee of the HSA is composed of five 2-year-termed elected members: President, Vice President of Communications, Vice President of Events, Secretary, and Treasurer. One faculty member is appointed by the Principal to be the Faculty Representative/Consultant to the HSA Board. The Principal and Pastor are ex-Officio members.