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Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch

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Holy Cross provides a “Hot Lunch Program.” Parents opting not to participate in this program should provide a nutritional and adequate lunch for their child.  Parents are not to bring fast foods to their children to eat during lunch hour.  In addition to the regular lunch period, time is allotted each morning for the students in Grades Pre-K – 3 to eat a small nutritious snack.

All ordering will be done using our self-service on-line hot lunch ordering system.  Families may place their hot lunch orders any time after the fifth of the month up until the designated deadline (typically seven days before the end of the month).  After that, the on-line database will be locked down and the orders rolled up for our vendors.

Lunches will range in price from $2.00 – $6.00 with most lunches in the $4.00 – $5.00 range.  There is no minimum requirement for an order.

Lunch orders cannot be finalized without payment.  All payments must be received five days after the closing date.  All orders placed for a month will be considered final.  You may make changes up until the closing date.  Refunds will not be given if a student is absent or a class has an unexpected field trip.  Lunches are pre-ordered from the vendors and we are liable for payment.  Please take appointments, half-days, field trips and other obligations into account when ordering hot lunch.  In the event that you have ordered a hot lunch during an absence, field trip or a half day, hot lunch will not be saved for your child.

White (skim or 1%) and Chocolate (skim) milk may be purchased for the school year.  Forms are sent home in the summer mailing or can be obtained from the school office.

Ice Cream
Ice cream is available for purchase each week.

We look forward to another year of serving a varied menu of good food to your children.

The Holy Cross hot lunch program is powered by SmartBeeTech.com