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Child Care Payment Information

Child Care will no longer be paid in advance. 

Please read below. 

Child Care Payment Information

A.     Registration - Families wishing to use Child Care must complete a registration form and pay the annual registration fee of $75 per family. 

B.     Statements – Families will receive a Child Care statement at the beginning of each month.  The statement details the activity for the prior month’s actual childcare usage.  The balance due on the statement must be paid within 15 days.  A $25 Late Fee will be assessed if the balance is not paid within 15 days.  To receive an adjustment all discrepancies must be reported before the end of the month.

C.     Child Care fees are charged if your child arrives at school before 7:40 a.m.           

D.     Child Care accounts must be paid in a timely manner in order for your child to remain in the Child Care Program.  As with all fees, your account must be current by the end of the semester or as designated by the school in order to receive report cards, transcripts, and continue attendance. 

E.     Late fees will be assessed on past due invoices. 

For the safety of the children, as well as for accurate billing purposes, children must be signed out by an authorized adult at the time of pickup.  

Parents must notify the school at (301)949-1699 x16 before 5:45 PM for late pickup of children and an additional $1 for each minute after the hour will be charged for children picked up after 6:00 PM.

Andy Tantillo